Strawtopia name spelled out from different color and style paper straws


How are paper straws made? 

We don’t believe in sacrificing on materials. Straws are for sipping and they designed to function as good as they look.

Straws are made from a three-layer process consisting of 120 and 70 gsm premium papers. Two layers of 120 gsm paper are rolled together with the 70 gsm final color design layer on top.  


What are paper straws made of?

Sustainable sourced paper and FDA approved inks.


Are paper straws color safe?

All inks used on our straws are made from FDA and EU approved food grade printing inks.

Straws will not bleed into drinks, please see our video here (link coming soon).


How to reduce plastic in the ocean?

Strawtopia is helping the environment by raising awareness and promoting alternative sustainable materials for drinking straws such as paper straws, stainless steel, glass, and bamboo etc.


Are Paper Straws Compostable?

Our straws are made from FSC papers, which means the paper is used from sustainable resources. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit organization to promote responsible management of the world's forests.


How long do paper straws take to decompose?

The rate that it takes to decompose regular paper in landfills, which is typically 2-6 weeks. If disposed of through recycling, the decomposition rate is faster. 



Are paper straws recyclable?

They are made from paper and are treated the same as ordinary recyclable paper.


Where to buy paper straws? 

 Can buy them directly from www.strawtopia.



How long do paper straws last? 

Starwtopia doesn't agree by cutting down more trees for sake of having a longer-lasting paper straw.

Disposable paper straws are meant for one-time use and disposed of afterward. This means we won’t make a paper straw with lots of paper.

With our process, straws last 2-3 hours when used normally in most circumstances.


Why use paper straws?

From local cities, countries to environmentally conscious food enterprises, the ban on plastic straws has begun. Paper straw is one alternative to help lessen the negative environmental impact that plastic is doing now. Paper drinks straws are a healthy alternative to plastic straws.

Using paper straws is a healthy alternative to plastic straws. Our straws are biodegradable and compostable leaving no harmful effects on the environment.

Paper straws will help reduce plastic straws into oceans and help save marine life.


I am having a wedding and unsure which set to buy?

There are so many different color themes. The color and designs of paper straws can help to match with different themes and drinks. 


Which countries does Strawtopia deliver to?

We deliver worldwide

If your country is not listed, please contact us. 


How long does shipping take?

Shipping times vary country by country and by local country seasonal factors.

To give an idea, here is Strawtopia average shipping times: 

North America: 8-12 business days

Europe: 8-15 business days

Australia, New Zealand and Oceania: 8-15 business days

Asia-Pacific: 8-12 business days

Latin America and the Caribbean: 8-18 business days

North Africa and the Middle East: 8-20 business days


Who is responsible for customs taxes?

You will be responsible for any customs, duties and import taxes. 

Strawtopia takes no responsibilities for delays due to customs. 


How can I track my order?

Your order status, delivery and shipping details are located in My Account


Which payment methods are accepted?

Visa, Master Card, American Express and major credit cards and Paypal.

Your financial information is not stored on our server and is encrypted securely using the highest security protocols with third-payment providers.


We want to customize, can our brand or logo be printed on the straws?

Whether your brand or design is for mono-color or multi-color, Strawtopia will help with you each stage of the way including packaging.

Our quality paper straws will surely help your brand stand out by expressing your brand's awareness.

For inquiries, please click here: custom-made


We sell or distribute party supplies, can Strawtopia partner with us?

For collaboration inquiries, please click Business Market Inquiry 


Buy paper straws in bulk?

Strawtopia does not place a minimum quantity on bulk and wholesale orders. Bulk quantities can be purchased directly on www.strawtopia.com.

For wholesale/ bulk inquiries, please click Business Market Inquiry.


Still can't find what you are looking for?

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