Strawtopia's Mission

Strawtopia name spelled out from different color and style paper straws

Plastic straws negatively affect the oceans and habitats of many marine animals

The long list of marine biodiversity is threatened, from seabirds, sea lions to sea turtles 

Often times, plastic debris is mistaken for food and figures document that over 100 million marine animals are killed each year

So please remember....the next time you are at a restaurant, if you must use a straw, please ask for a paper straw or refuse a plastic straw if you can.

To help reverse this trend, Strawtopia's mission is to provide consumer and industry markets an alternative.

Paper straws that are not only FDA approved and SGS certified, but also biodegrade and compost. 

Strawtopia's paper straws for a new tomorrow... Biodegradable and Compostable 

Strawtopia Paper Straws Biodegrading and Composting in the Soil_compressed

Better yet, with our range of reusable straws from metal straws, glass straws to  bamboo straws, together, we are helping to set the trend to helping our planet earth by keeping it clean and sustainable for this generation and generations to come.


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