Unbiased Review from Carrie for STRAWTOPIA Metal Straws vs Bamboo Straws

Unbiased Review from Carrie for STRAWTOPIA Metal Straws vs Bamboo Straws

by Strawtopia — Your Utopia for Straws


I always prefer using a straw, so the shift toward no plastic straws is great for the environment, but annoying for me. I love that the STRAWTOPIA metal and bamboo straw sets come with everything that you need to easily carry them around and use them in everyday life. There are 8 straws in total and for the metal ones, that includes two long, two long bended, two short, and two short bended – perfect for picking one to match your drink cup and sharing with a friend.

The quality of the metal ones is superb – beautiful coloring, super safe, hand-polished round edges, and rust-proof inside and out. I was less impressed by the bamboo shoots just because of the discrepancies of working with real, organic stalks that seem straight from the field. Some were cracked on the ends, and many weren’t totally smooth on the inside, but I do love the sustainability aspect and it would be a unique gift for the boho beverage drinker in your life.

Overall, I’m impressed, and I will definitely start carrying a metal straw set in my purse for on-the-go sipping. The handmade jute carrying bags are simple, but cute, and the metal straw cleaners are the perfect weight and length to easily slide through for a deep clean.

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